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We formed Cry Havoc Games to have a bit of fun developing arcade-style games. 

Working with Stirfire Studios in the early days, we debuted a virtual reality build of ‘Dead End Alley’ at PAX 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. 

Using Oculus Rift DK2 headsets and custom motion tracked controllers built into toy chainsaws, a lot of people had their first taste of virtual reality chopping up cartoon zombies in a blind alley. Melding a classic scene from every B-grade zombie flick with VR was cheesy, tacky, and a whole lot of fun.  

Dead End Alley is based on a classic scenario - you’re trapped in a blind alley with a horde of the recently deceased bearing down on you. Fortunately you have your trusty chainsaw and a nail gun to try and even the odds. But let’s be honest here - your odds aren’t great. Try not to stall the chainsaw. And watch out for the rats …

Dead End Alley is available now for Gear VR. Daydream, Rift & Vive are coming soon.

About our name -

Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war.

The ‘dogs of war’ in our logo are our three hounds. The white dog in the middle is Penny. She is flanked by her two boys - Mooch on the left, and Minion the right. Some license has been taken with their appearance …


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